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My name is Shemlinex Maingi, but I mostly go by Shem. I am a modern magician or at least one in the making; except I transform technical ideas into user-friendly spaces. What this means is, I create relevant and functional websites for businesses.

I studied design thinking and the basics of graphic design at the University of Nairobi, before working my magic on company startups in Nairobi and on corporate agents’ projects for even bigger companies. 

Learning code has helped me understand the limitations and implications between design and code.

I care deeply about the results I deliver. I insist on getting to know you and your business almost as well as you do, so I deliver a website that feels like you and brings in more online clients. My clients become friends because when we work together, work becomes fun and easy so this ‘complex internet project’ feels like normality.

My passion for design and technology is channeled to creating an impact in the African tech world.

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My Process

Brand Interview


I ask you questions about what you do and why. In this first stage, I try to understand your business and brand.

Copy Writing


One of the most critical stages; We compose text for the purpose of advertising to promote your goods and services

Web Design


I start working on your website in word press, of course checking in with you throughout the process. This time period depends on your work load.



The most fun stage! I walk you through your site as we go live and start telling your audience. I get off my computer and enjoy some sun

Tools That I use

For Branding



Adobe Illustrator


For Webdesign


Adobe XD


For Web development






Money is personal, and I know investment decisions can be difficult. I run a small business too! But let us face it, a website is a valuable investment, especially in this day and era.


Agree to a proposal before the project begins. You will receive a detailed proposal for you to look over and if everything sounds good, then we will both sign a contract and get started!


To be fair to both parties, some deposit of 35% will be paid upfront


Once the site is published and live on the internet, you will receive a detailed invoice for you to look over and complete the final payment.